Excel Based Calculators

I have a couple of Excel Calculators that I use frequently. Below is a list with links for easy access ...

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Metrics Dashboards to Measure Performance Indicators

Metrics Dashboards offer organizations a quick, real-time visualization of key performance indicators. There are a host of different Dashboards gaining traction. These dashboards…

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Notes from Reading “Saving the Heartland: Place-Based Policies in 21st Century America”

Brookings recently published "Saving the Heartland: Place-based policies in 21st Century America." The paper provides a rigorous analysis of the factors leading to regional…

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Top of Mind – June and July 2018

The Top of Mind Books, Music, and Movies for June and July 2018.

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Leveraging Your Community of Support

In this last post, I’ll discuss how to leverage your professional credibility for the good of your business.

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Radius listed Among Most Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur.com

Each year, Entrepreneur.com compiles a list of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.

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Are You Good Enough to Start a Business?

In mid-sized towns like Erie, there is risk aversion around launching a new business or initiative, though that has changed over the past two or three years.

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Erie Times: Erie Sees Surge in New Entrepreneurs

Many young entrepreneurs were featured in the Erie Times News 2016 Entrepreneurship and Business feature.

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The Atlantic, NPR’s Marketplace, and Our Erie

Erie received some cool press over the years for its economic and community development efforts. The work is the result of hundreds of people volunteering and investing their…

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Nurturing a Professional Pace

Developing a professional pace means that you understand the rhythm of your work and establish processes to ensure short, medium, and long-term success.

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