Nurturing a Professional Pace

Developing a professional pace means that you understand the rhythm of your work and establish processes to ensure short, medium, and long-term success.

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Establishing a Healthy, Successful Business Culture in Erie, PA

New journeys of beginning, or of growth, can also be challenging for our community. Young entrepreneurs are starting many of these businesses, which is difficult if one doesn’t…

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Erie is Growing a Great Support System for Entrepreneurs: 2015 Year End Review

Entrepreneurs know that starting a new business is beyond difficult. It is grueling and stressful.

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Angel Investing Q and A with Brian Scott

Brian Scott, a Board Member of the Innovation Collaborative and a member of BlueTree Allied Angels began blogging on WordPress about angel investment and the startup process.

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Open Innovation at the Innovation Commons

Officially launched in January of 2016, Penn State Behrend’s Innovation Commons is already beginning to spark Innovation throughout Erie County.

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Radius Founding Members on WQLN ‘All Things Erie’

Radius Founding Members took to WQLN's All Things Erie with host Ben Speggen to tell how Radius came to be and the community value it seeks to offer Erie County.

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Digital Gatekeepers: Kindle Worlds

A major problem of managing creativity is determining what content receives ‘The Platform’ — the elusive mirage that haunts the starving artist. ‘The Platform’ is for legitimized…

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Min(e)d Resources: Toward an Inclusive Narrative

There are numerous research streams surrounding creativity and management. Creativity operates similarly within each research stream, yet these similarities have not been compared…

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Reflections on Imagination: A Concept In Search of a Framework

Upon reflection, an exploration of the imagination may prove to be a key that does not necessarily resolve these paradoxes, but allows for a conceptual framework to understand…

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